Society is formed on a common cultural denominator among people and in the context of today and tomorrow. An important tool carrying culture is social memory. Keeping the tradition alive requires re-reading society in the context of current hearts and ideas. Social memory is an important medium for passing the values of a nation to future generations through socialization. Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu is an important man of heart and idea, having been raised in Turkiye. In this respect, contributing to social memory is one of the important functions of the art community. Public institutions and non-governmental organizations are required to take action to pass Anatolian culture to the next generations through artistic ideas.

An important infrastructure has been created in the field of short films and documentaries in Turkey, and Konya is one of the important provinces in this regard. Considering nearly 150,000 university students studying in Konya, the competition is understood to be an extremely important event to reach students and communities. It is aimed that the students of five universities in Konya will participate in this event. During the competition, which will be open not only to universities but also to all dwellers and societies to contribute to the field, the cultural and historical structure of Konya will be introduced to the guests and students to visit Konya. This competition aims to introduce the late Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu to younger generations.